Interior Design Collaborative - follow your passion!

Hello world! and welcome to Interior Design Collaborative!

Both Kim and I are excited to start this journey with you and can't wait to collaborate with you and see our vision for our firm grow into great things! This blog will serve as a way both to communicate on a larger scale about current and upcoming projects, our inspiration both in life and design, and hopefully make a few people smile along the way.

When it came to jump off the deep end and follow our dreams of working for yourself, it's a pretty scary situation to sit there and make that decision to give up the stability and certainty (heck, even insurance!) of that 9-5 job. But you have one chance at this life and why not use it doing what you love. I fully believe that Kim and I have the talent, drive, creativity and passion to make us successful. All the positive vibes we have received from clients, friends, and family are all much appreciated. But believe it or not Jim Carrey of all people gave me the final affirmation that we were doing the right thing. He recently gave a commencement speech at Maharishi University of Management, and in a touching, insightful and profound way was able to communicate to those graduates and myself to basically go for it! If you are going to fail at something, you might as fail doing something that you love. Check out the video for yourself HERE! That is when the lightbulb went off, and here we are…weeks in, dinner meetings, wine nights addressing envelopes, late nights creating design boards, and even a business trip to Las Vegas for a design convention. 

All worth it! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and we look forward to collaborating with you and thank you for making Interior Design Collaborative one of the top interior design firms in Orange County, CA!