Enter space…black and white interiors.

When it comes to designing a space it certainly takes a knack for color, learning how to bring together different textures and patterns, and how to layer. But what about those spaces void of color? We're talking about BLACK AND WHITE! 

Now certainly any space that has no color can easily turn cold, boring, and even institutional so in a way is even harder to create a comfortable space using no color at all. It is in these situations where it so much more important to create interest through bringing in those different textures. Because black is on the opposite end of the color "spectrum" there is so much contrast there it is equally important to bridge that gap between the two so your eye is not constantly seeing that high contrast, giving it a chance to rest. And one thing if you notice in each of our favorite photos, although void of color they are not void of life…as each has plants/greenery, always important!

Speaking of rest, check out some of IDC's favorite black and white interior spaces, and if you want to see more check us on out on HOUZZ by clicking HERE (or by clicking through any of the photos) and see our black and white Ideaboard! 

And whether or not you prefer black and white, bold colors, or somewhere in the middle, Interior Design Collaborative is ready to collaborative with you to make a unique and inviting space for you to call home. Let's collaborate!