Kitchen Countertops…Tips, Pros and Cons, Do's and Don'ts and anything else we missed.

Kitchen's are the heart of the home, where people tend to gather, and the room that generally clients are both willing and expect to spend the most amount of money on. Not to say that it goes unwarranted, as kitchens and baths are the two most common important factors of home buyers. So today we are diving into countertops specifically here at Interior Design Collaborative! 

We look at our jobs as Interior Designers to almost help push you as the client at least one step beyond what you expect, what you knew you were comfortable with, and what you thought was "right" and that especially goes in the kitchen. Too many times we see clients who have a well thought out dining room, living space and most of their home and ultimately falls flat in the kitchen. So time to put on your swim suit and dive right in! 

How you ask? Our first tip…mixing materials. This is a kitchen after all where a good recipe is executed. So let's take this approach to kitchens and specifically your countertops. A good recipe is all about well thought out layered in ingredients and that's essentially what we are doing in a kitchen…layering different materials to create a cohesive and well executed space. Form over function is one design mantra that may need to be ignored here as function is a must for every kitchen. So figure out how you use your kitchen the most to start building your materials "recipe". Do you cook daily or is it take out? Entertain and host? Do your guests tend to mingle in and surround the kitchen or do you push them to other spaces? Then when you approach choosing your materials; think of the benefits of mixing different options. First off it adds visual interest to your space and doesn't let your eye rest on too much of the same. Secondly, gives you the opportunity to save some money! Or let yourself splurge on a more expensive option. Let that unique, more expensive space be the contrasting island countertop and the more budget friendly option the more expansive surrounding counter. Lastly, it avoids the flat and over saturation of having one color or material running throughout the space. The common thread of well designed spaces is the ability to create a diverse and energetic room that is achieved partially by mixing and layering materials. FULL CIRCLE!

Check out these examples of well designed, functional kitchens that do an amazing job at mixing different countertop materials.

Stay tuned for another upcoming blog on specific materials and the pro's and con's of those, but for now keep an open mind and step (at least one step) beyond your comfort zone and create that dynamic space you are looking for! And of course our team of designers looks forward to collaborating with you on your space!