valentines day

Happy Valentine's Day from Interior Design Collaborative! Our card to you is this list of 14 ways to SEX up your home ;)

While we fully support a day dedicated to love, we even love more the fact that the folks over at THE NEST came up with this list of 14 ways to sex up your home. It's not going full on Christian Grey here (I swear I had to google the characters first name and that I haven't read the book…I swear).

This list has super easy steps to "sexing" up your home, that frankly shouldn't be focused just in February but all year round! While the full list is found here: ...Some of our favorites:

#1. Get a bed frame! One of our biggest cringe moments is walking into a clients home and seeing a mattress on the floor. Nothing says "I don't have it together" than a post college adult with their mattress on the floor.

#2 Invest in art! The home is one of the best ways to find out a person's vibe…how they live, how they show who they are; and art is a big component of this. Completely personal, your artwork should speak to you the owner and also make is extremely easy to start a conversation, after a great date, after some wine, eating strawberries….about why/how/where you have that piece. Tell the art's story!

#3 Add flowers. Sure what valentine doesn't want a bouquet of their favorite flowers waiting for them. But trust us when you make that weekly trip to the farmers market to switch out your kitchen centerpiece or nurture that fig to a great tall life it will breathe life into your space! My own personal style is neutral grays upon grays, but I always make sure to bring some sort of living green into every room!

So those are just our favorite tips pointed out, but definitely pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy their full list HERE.

Wishing you all a great Valentine's day…spread the love, and an even better President's day weekend! And as always thanks for making Interior Design Collaborative one of Orange County's top interior design firms!