The Trade Assistance Program was created specifically for professionals practicing interior design, interior decorating, architecture, or an artisan of art, home goods and furnishings, that do not have or need a full time assistant, but find during certain projects or times of the year, require an educated and experienced industry professional to assist them in various tasks, not just creatively, but also with the process of running their business.


Become a member! With your application, we will gather all of the information required to step into your shoes for an hour...or more. We will review our complete list of available services in which to choose, or we can customize services to your needs if possible.


Our rates are a portion of your hourly rate, giving you the opportunity to still bill your client for the hour at your negotiated rate, pay us to provide the service, and retain the remainder of your fee. Additionally, this hour is freed up for you to address another client need and bill that same hour as well. The annual membership rate is only $35.00.

Additionally, because of the diversity of our membership within the industry, we provide a great internal network for you to learn and share with others in our program.


Right now! It is best to join before you have a need. We require 48 hours notice for a serivce request, but will accept your requests anytime, with the understanding that if it is within 48 hours, we may or may not be able to assist you fully.


Creative Services:

Auto Cad: Drafting or Revisions: Transfer a plan to Auto Cad, do revisions to an existing plan, or create a new plan or elevation.

Design Board Composition/Presentation Boards: Creation of presentation boards with your designated materials or create one for you. (Supply fees will be added to hourly rate).

Digital Presentations:  Our staff has vast experience in various digital presentation styles and can prepare electronic presentation in the style and format of your choice for you to present to your client.

Photo Editing/Enhancement: Existing photos or new photos will be edited and enhanced for best quality to showcase your talents.

Postings on Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc: We will use your beautifully enhanced photos for postings online and on social media.

On Site Services

Measuring Site for bids: We will measure the home/office space for you and transfer to Auto Cad, or supply you with the measurements for your use.

Meeting Subcontractors on site for bids/oversee installations:We will meet your designated subcontractors on site with your instructions for the bids and also oversee their installation to assure it meets your specifications.

Photo document project for before, during and after pictures: Give us your site schedule, and we will document the progress of the project from beginning to end. This is a great marketing tool for your website, blogs, and portfolio. Our staff photography is Jeannie Mutrais ( unless otherwise noted.

Assist on installation days with stylization services: We provide extra hands to load, unload, un-package, hang, place, clean and feed you.

Provide meals, coffee breaks, etc for client/contractor on site meetings: With notice, we will provide this service to your specification. (Cost of meal/beverages will be added to hourly rate)

Shopping Services:

Gather/Return samples/swatches, etc.: We will pick up or drop off any items from your office to showrooms or clients, and vice versa.

Make selections for you for your review: With your direction, we will make multiple selections for you to review for any specification required.

Business Services:

Invoicing: Give us your hours, receipts and mileage for the month, and we will prepare a client invoice for you on your letterhead/invoice.

Preparing Bids for Contracts: Estimating square footage pricing, listing scope of services, incorporating subcontractor bids, preparing budget worksheets, etc.

Creating project notebooks: We will pre-assemble an organized project notebook for your project.

Registering your business for Retail Trade Discount Programs: We will register you with any of the retail or wholesale vendors you work with, register you for market and make your hotel reservations, etc.


Your Trade Assistants for the majority of the services will be either Kim Campbell or Tyler Crouse. The program was developed due to Kim's 18 years actively designing exclusively for luxury new construction residences. As a sole proprietor, Kim experienced first hand the many times she could have used an assistant, but didn't have the time to train someone to do what she needed, nor the need for someone full time. Additionally, Tyler came from a faced paced retail environment with a leading home furnishings company that provided staging services. Seemingly always understaffed and with never enough time to complete a project, Tyler saw a need for assistance in the industry as well. Thus, the program was designed for you.

Please see the About Us page for more information and qualifications of our team.

To sign up for the Trade Assistance Program, please fill out the form below and Kim or Tyler will be in contact with you with a more detailed application. We look forward to collaborating!

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